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                         PRIVATE WEALTH MANAGEMENT

                   An investment operation is one which upon thorough
            analysis promises safety of principal and an adequate return.
             Operations not meeting these requirements are speculative.

                                              Benjamin Graham


To manage your portfolio investments on your behalf to create your future wealth.

To position and manage your portfolio of equity shares in such a way that it is anchored to the market returns.

To employ correct strategies, to generate returns over and above the market returns.

To take measures to protect your wealth from permanent loss.

Over the long term the single most fundamental driver of price is earnings and only earnings. We seek companies that provide earnings over the long term.


1. How is the value of your investment determined? Your share portfolio account is registered in your name and is linked to your bank account.


2. What are the investment’s underlying assets? South African listed equities. A percentage will have overseas interest.


3. What is the past performance of the investments? Past performance have exceeded the JSE average return. The goal is 2% above the market return (alpha).


4. What are the charges and fees, and the implications of these charges on the value of your investment? Charges are 0.25% of the capital value of the investment. Paid quarterly. Total 1% per annum.


5. Do the investments have any guarantees? Limited guarantees. Will manage downside risk.


6. How easy it will be for you to access the money you invest? Monthly annuities are paid per agreement. Maximum 5 working days if in equities.


7. What are the consequences if you terminate your investment before the date of maturity? No consequences.


8. What are the tax implications of the investment? Dividend tax is paid upon receipt of dividends. Capital gain tax on sale of investment is at a maximum effective rate of 13.7%. Annual exclusion is R 30 000 per annum.


9. Is there a cooling off period within which you have the right to cancel the service? You can cancel the service at any time.


10. Are there any material risks associated with the investment? Investments are linked to the performance of the JSE.


11. How is the investment managed for your risk profile? To be determined.